Feeding Time. Experimental Short, 2016. 2m 25s.


Claire Arctander earned a BA in Art Theory and Practice and Gender Studies from Northwestern University and an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She currently works in the Education Department at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and at Weinberg/Newton Gallery. She has taught art classes for UIC and the City Colleges of Chicago. In the past she has been a resident at The Cooper Union, Summer Forum, ACRE and Ox-Bow. Recent shows include one-person screenings at The Cell in New York and The Nightingale in Chicago and group exhibitions at ADDS DONNA and Rainbo Club in Chicago.

Working across multiple mediums, Chicago-based artist Claire Arctander joyfully articulates conflicted feminist notions of desire and desirability. Via an investment in and respectful treatment of abject materials and low-brow media outlets- like pop music, home decor, porn, internet phenomena, edibles, handicrafts and consumer ephemera- she posits debasement as a viable position from which to critically operate.